What's up! I'm Braden, a design researcher & strategist.

I study people to inform business decisions.

generative design research - fall 2019

Improving life on military bases

We helped discover opportunities to improve life on base for active duty military and their families.

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Service design research - spring 2019

Maintenance service for power plants

We helped identify opportunities for field engineers to more efficiently troubleshoot industrial automation systems.

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Co-design research - spring 2019

Online banking for personal finances

We helped a large bank prioritize new features for their online banking platform based on customer needs.

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UX Research - winter 2018

Informing a Foster Care & Adoption Website

We helped the State of Ohio redesign their Foster Care & Adoption website to attract and educate potential foster parents.

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Service Design - winter 2018

Reimagining wire transfers

We helped a bank redesign their wire transfer service to catch up to the industry standards of money movement.

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Evaluative research - fall 2018

Iterative testing with a bank

We partnered with a large regional bank to conduct a few rounds of iterative usability testing for various different design concepts.

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Master's thesis - spring 2018

AI as a Design Material

I explored how designers and data scientists can work together to start using artificial intelligence as a design material.

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Service Design - summer 2015

Nonprofit service design research

I led a project to map out the flow of information at a nonprofit in order to establish better working processes.

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ACADEMIC RESEARCH - summer 2014 to summer 2017

Infant Cognitive Development

I worked on various projects investigating how human infants develop language and object recognition.

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"Surround yourself with people who know what you don't know. Become enticed by the unknown." - Linda B. Smith

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