Developing a Small Business CX Banking Strategy

At a glance

13 weeks
40 stakeholder interviews
300 customer survey responses
40 diary study participants
10 group interview sessions
4 client workshops

Our Internal team

Project Manager
UX Strategist (me)
UX Researcher
Director of Analytics
Director of UX Strategy

Our client team

Chief Marketing Officer
EVP Retail Banking
SVP Retail Business Development
Director of Branch Banking


Developing a small business customer experience strategy

Our client, a regional bank, aims to put the customer experience at the center of its business, starting with the small business customer segment, which has not been a main priority in the past. This is an exciting opportunity to take a step back and think about what their customers really need from us as a bank so that they can reimagine what they do to help the businesses in our community be successful.

My Role
As the UX Strategist on the project, my goals are to develop a comprehensive understanding of the bank's current state CX, identify the needs of small business owners in profitable industries, establish KPIs to define what a successful CX strategy would be, and develop a strategic roadmap that details a sequence of product changes, service changes, and policy changes required to improve the customer experience while hitting ROI goals.

Project Plan

We've scoped a series of 4 phases throughout the project:

Project Deliverables

We plan to provide the following deliverables at each phase of the project: