Pharmaceutical Process Dashboard

At a glance

10 weeks
15 evaluative sessions
30 iterations
26 dashboard pages designed

Our Internal team

UX Researcher/Designer (me)
Visual Designer

Our client team

Executive Director of Patient Analytics
BI Analytics Technical Lead
Project Manager


Designing a dashboard to visualize the process of getting on medication

Our client, a multinational health care services company, needed to redesign a portal used by clients and internal users to access key data and reports. They identified that users had challenges with find-ability, and they saw an opportunity to create a more modern data visualization experience for their portal users.

My Role
As a hybrid UX Researcher & Designer, my goal was to understand the needs of the dashboard users, and then translate what I learned into a prototype that met those needs and ultimately increased KPIs. I facilitated user interviews, developed prototypes, facilitated evaluative research sessions, and collaborated with a visual designer & tableau developer to ensure that the final design was feasible.

Project Plan

We scoped a series of 3 phases to complete the project:

Phase one

Understanding the business, the users, and the data

Phase two

Rapid design, testing, and iteration cycles

Phase three

Finalizing visual design for development handoff